Love Unscripted Workshops with Huy


Next workshop:
September 27-28, 2017 (Wed-Thu)
10 am – 6 pm both days
Location: in the Washington, DC area (exact location later)
100% of profit from this workshop will be donated to hurricane relief
Interested? please email me at



After being a professional photographer for a very long time – over 25 years – I have just started to clearly put everything I’ve learned together to share with you.

My very personal photography workshop encompasses and infuses big life theories with photography teachings that you may have heard in bits and pieces elsewhere. We will put everything together in perspective and collectively define a road map to becoming the best photographer that we all can be.

We will make the most of our 2 days by going from 10 am – 7 pm with a few breaks to clear our minds and for nourishments. On Day 2, if you want to stay longer, we will go into overtime!

You will asked to bring your work for review and to honestly discuss your work and yourselves. Together we will learn about:

– becoming a complete photographer
– challenging conventional wedding photography
– viewing photographs with a critical eye
– cultivating useful photo instincts
– thinking like a photojournalist
– aligning our lives with our photography
– finding balance
– being honest with ourselves
– making deep changes

Workshop fee is $795 USD per person for 2 days.

Class limit = 8

If you are interested in having a workshop in your city or in my hometown of Olympia, WA, please email me at

I am open to having workshops anywhere in the world except for Canada and the UK.



And if you’re interested, here’s a little about me:

I am the founder of Fearless Photographers, Foundation Workshops, and Stay Strong. Before settling in as an educator and community builder, I was a news photographer for various American newspapers and a wedding photographer based in Dallas, TX (USA). I have presented and taught workshops at numerous photo conventions and countries including France, Russia, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, and Indonesia.  I have also been honored and awarded by a few photo organizations.

Presently, my personal mission is to encourage photographers everywhere to do what it takes to become better people and better photographers.

I hope that this workshop will provide you with the necessary lessons to head down that path. We will start together.



Who am I as a teacher? Here are some thoughts from my past students:

We hope you had a great and quality time in Bucharest. You are the most funniest teacher we have ever met and because of that we are your biggest fans when it comes to critique photos. We’ve learned a lot of things from you, we have confirmations that we are on the good way and some others that we badly want to improve. Oh, we already ordered those books, we badly wanted one of your book presents . We have already started to train our elephant. Thank you for choosing Romania as the first location for Big Lessons, thank you for sharing us from your experience, thank you for opening us our minds to think the unthinkable, thank you for everything.


It was unexpectedly that you came into my life to turn it upside down. Nobody knows how it is done, but you have a special talent to know exactly what someone needs. Even I didn’t know what I needed. We had around one hour of you going over some of my recent work, analysing it and showing me things I had not seen and how those images could be better. I think we usually have some kind of blindness towards our own images that prevents us from seeing what’s wrong with them, until someone else shows us. That’s what I needed.

I had never received such effective critiques and tips before. Since then, my photography has been evolving as I keep hearing your voice in my head during every shoot and every editing. I am now more careful, consistent and precise.

Someone can be a good teacher by having knowledge and experience. But apart from that, you also truly care about people. That’s why you stand out from the crowd: you’re a teacher with a heart.

I had no idea that moment would be such a turning point for my career and my life. In less than one hour, by asking the right questions, you changed me into a different photographer. A better photographer. And someone who is now putting more effort into becoming a better person altogether. Life is all about the people we meet along the way and I’m very glad I had this opportunity.

Thank you.


“Moreover, thank you so much for taking the time to impart so much of your long-acquired wisdom and knowledge to me in such a tactful and thoughtful way.  I was incredibly nervous particularly about showing my work in front of the room of people I know to be at a far higher photographic level than me but I was never once made to feel belittled or humiliated which is what I was worried about before I got there.

And I’ve found it a thoroughly helpful exercise; already watching the corners of my frames and trying to take more interesting shots – trying to think more like some of the other people I met there too in terms of composition and lighting.  I’ve always tried to do 1-on-1 training in the past because I tend to like to think at my own pace and find there is always one person that overasks questions and I shut down and this was the first time I felt I gained equally from the other people (watching their critiques, listening to their experiences over lunches etc) as I did from listening to you, Dave & Quin.

Your ability to read people in a few minutes flat is uncanny though – when we were sat in the bar and you had my life down in about 5 minutes… hmm!”


My name is Anastasia. I am one of the lucky who attended your master class on April 14th and 15th 2010 in Moscow. 7 months have passed since you and Joe (Buissink) met the Russian audience. Now I can say with certainty everything I heard and saw during those two days played a great role in my understanding of wedding photography and how I want to photograph.

I photograph weddings with my husband. His name is Aleksei. Unfortunately he couldn’t attend your master class. So I described  him in details and showed everything I learned for the two-day communication with you and Joe. During this season we photograph as we have never seen the world through the view finder before! “Be yourself!” and “Don’t be afraid to experiment!”. These two phrases were the slogans of this season. 

And it took us a long time to stop photograph within the rules. I admit it was hard! We argued with Aleksei over our photos for hours after shootings. Each shooting we tried to break our stereotyped view! Eventually we’ve found that there is no boring shots, ugly brides, bad weather or bad mood. Now every shot is a fascinating journey into the world of love and happiness full of fleeting moments. Every shot is a chance to become faster and smarter not to miss out any smile, any tear, any tender look to save every fleeting emotion for the bride and groom.”