images that matter | by mary jane chau

We recently asked our couples to share their thoughts about images that matter to them most from their wedding day.

Thank you Mary Jane!

Mary Jane: I love this picture because of how you captured that very moment. This took place before the ceremony and we were trying to avoid the guys that were taking their photos somewhere around the same area. And I remember feeling so excited and nervous that we might run into the guys.

What I love about this picture is that it was taken nowhere special. It was in a hallway to a back exit of the hotel. And while chatting with my bridesmaids, you took this amazing shot and I can see the smile on my face and I can remember those feelings of being happy and excited and calm, all which you were able to capture in this simple shot.


Mary Jane: What I love about this picture is the lighting. I remember you suggesting to sit down on these steps and I was thinking to myself, “Uh,ok?” And now I see it. It was an amazing shot. It was after the ceremony and all the “mandatory” photos with the family and bridal party had been finished. And it was just David and I now.

I love this photo because the stress of the ceremony was behind us…and this moment was just for us. And that’s what you captured here, our moment of us just being us…happy.