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It’s true – I am no longer a full-time wedding photographer.

And I don’t receive gushing letters from brides and grooms any more but I just received this note from a workshop student recently that made me very proud.  I am very thankful that I can be of help to people who are searching and striving to do their best.

Hi Huy,

It’s been the best part of a year since we met at the workshop in England. I’ve been meaning to write to thank you for those sessions but have only just gotten around to it. So, thanks a lot. I learned a huge amount from the workshop as well as from the critiques. I’ve remembered all of the important bits and try to keep everything in mind whilst shooting. I feel that it’s time to raise my game again so I’m now looking for other workshops that will help me get to the next level. I’m aware of the foundation workshops and would love to attend one but anything else you could suggest would be really helpful.

As for Fearless Photographers in general… The whole ethos has helped me to keep going and being true to myself and the way I shoot, which was always a little quirky even before I knew about Fearless. Being from England it was difficult to move away from the stuffy old boring wedding photography but now things seem to be moving in the right direction.

Before Fearless there was nothing like this in England, only societies with very old fashioned values and boring seminars. So I hope that our country can move forward and that Fearless will be as popular here as it is in the USA. I really feel that we’re heading in the right direction because of visionaries and revolutionaries like you.

Thanks a million and keep up the good work. I hope we will meet again in the future.

– from S. (in the UK)


When I was a wedding photographer:

“I have been over your photos many times, and each time I see new and different things.  Each time I see deeper, and I see more clearly the artist that is you.  In your photos, you capture more than fact; you captured feeling and emotion.  Through your photos I see my house, my home, my family, and my daughter in ways that I never saw them before….”

– from a father of the bride

That’s exactly my goal!

I am determined to clear my mind of trite, pre-conceived notions of conventional wedding photography so I can see, feel, and understand your real life moments – joy, family, commitment, love, and celebration – on your wedding day.

My creative vision and photographic skills were shaped by over ten years of daily experience as a staff photojournalist at major newspapers including the Chicago Tribune (’93 – 94), The Virginian-Pilot (’95 – ’98) and the Dallas Morning News (’98 – ’04). This extensive experience as a photojournalist has shaped my unique perspective and approach to wedding photography.

My professional accomplishments include being named the WPJA’s photographer of the year and one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World by AMERICAN PHOTO MAGAZINE

If you’d like to know more about me, here’s a magazine article about me.

I travel all over the world to teach workshops and seminars for professional photographers such as the Foundation Workshop or my own Big Lessons Workshop.

If you’re interested in setting up a private workshop for you and 8-10 of your closest photographers friends, please contact me directly at huy(at) loveunscripted.com