about huy – photographer, educator, innovator

“I have been over your photos many times, and each time I see new and different things.  Each time I see deeper, and I see more clearly the artist that is you.  In your photos, you capture more than fact; you captured feeling and emotion.  Through your photos I see my house, my home, my family, and my daughter in ways that I never saw them before….”

- from a father of the bride

That’s exactly my goal in wedding photography.

I am determined to clear my mind of trite, pre-conceived notions of conventional wedding photography so I can see, feel, and understand your real life moments – joy, family, commitment, love, and celebration – on your wedding day.

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My creative vision and photographic skills were shaped by over ten years of daily experience as a staff photojournalist at major newspapers including the Chicago Tribune (’93 – 94), The Virginian-Pilot (’95 – ’98) and the Dallas Morning News (’98 – ’04). This extensive experience as a photojournalist has shaped my unique perspective and approach to wedding photography.

My professional accomplishments include being named the WPJA’s photographer of the year and one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World by AMERICAN PHOTO MAGAZINE

If you’d like to know more about me, here’s a magazine article about me.

When I am not at weddings, I travel all over the world to teach workshops and seminars for professional photographers such as the Foundation Workshop or the Yin Yang Workshop.

I am based in Washington state and available to travel anywhere.

Please contact me directly: huy@loveunscripted.com or by  phone at 214.288.5699